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 How To Encourage a Better Start This School Year

The summer is almost over and back-to-school is just a few days away. For students, the summer is usually a synonym for the beach, sunny days, warm weather, sprinklers, parks, pools and just overall fun. Since students are so used to a more relaxed schedule during this time it can be hard for them to start getting used to the school routine. That is why today we want to provide a few tips that can help you get your child ready to start off the school year and excited about their first day.

Top Tutoring Tips to Get Your Child Ready for School

Continue the learning fun. In our previous post, we talked about the importance of summer learning and discussed some  ways to prevent that your child falls behind. If you followed some of those tips you know that helping your child avoid a learning loss is not very difficult it just takes a bit of effort. Even though there are just a few days left of summer vacations you can continue to encourage your child to read and play educational games.

Find the righ tutoring support. Your child needs to be prepared for the academic advancements of that the next school year represents. If they had previously struggled in any subjects it is important that you stay on top of this and help them avoid any regression. The best way to ensure that your child does not struggle this new school year is to get them help ahead of time so that they are prepared for the new material they will learn. Tutoring adapts the material they struggle with in a way that facilitates thier understanding of the concepts and thrive. At Tutoring Center, Colleyville TX we are dedicated to helping every student advance and excel in their studies. Contact us now by filling out the form in this page, and learn how we can help your child suceed this school year.

Start setting an earlier bedtime. As we had previously mentioned, sleep is a vital part of a child´s brain development. For most students their schedule looks very different in the summer than what it looks like once they start school. During vacations many tend to go to bed really late and sleep in until late the next day. Others may not do this but their bedtime and wake up time is still altered in the summer. Due to this it can be increasingly difficult to start getting used to an earlier wake up time once school starts. The shift in schedules and alterations in sleep times tends to cause problems for most students. They struggle to get to school on time and can have mood swings and frustrations that causes them to hard time learning. All of this negatively affects their performance and sets a bad tone in the beginnin of the school year. The best thing to do is to help your child adapt to their school schedule ahead of time atleast a few days before school starts. Encourage them to go to bed earlier 10-15min every day until they reach a resonable bedtime that will allow them to wake up early. Do this one or two weeks before the first day of school so that they start to adapt to waking up in time to get ready for school.

Have a fun ¨end of the summer¨ dinner. Make back-to-school time more fun by providing a positive and exciting enviornment that encourages your child to enjoy returning to school. You can do this in many ways but one fun and simple way to get them to celebrate instead of whine about going back to school is to create an ¨end of vacations¨ party. It doesn´t  need to be something big. It could just be a fun dinner with your children where they get to talk about their summer and find reasons to be excited to return to school. You can also give them small prizes or cute office supplies wrapped as presents so they feel a more positive emotion towards the first day of school. Have them share any feelings of doubt or fears they might be facing and take this time to reassure them of your support.

A Better School Year Start With The Tutoring Center, Centennial, CO

The first few weeks of school are important and do count. If you see your child having a hard time with school talk to their teachers and get them the academic help they need. Contact The Tutoring Center, Centennial, CO and learn of the many ways in which we can help your child  improve in their academic development.


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