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Fairy tales are a part of growing up. They’re entertaining and educational, so your child shouldn’t go without them. Here are some of the great things they can learn from these stories.

Fairy Tales Are a Part of Growing Up

Fairy tales are a big part of every child's childhood. However, they’re so much more than simple entertainment or bedtime stories. In fact, they provide many lessons. Whether you choose to read to your child or if your child is an independent reader, here are some of the things your child can learn from fairy tales.
  1. New cultures: Fairy tales take place all over the world. So while your child reads a fun story, they learn about different cultures and countries. They might even get inspired to learn more about the place they’re reading about.
  2. Critical thinking skills: Children can put themselves in the position of the hero and decide what they would do differently. They learn that the decisions they make can shape the situation. Fairy tales also teach children not to be fooled by first impressions.
  3. Emotional resilience: In life, your child will face obstacles and disappointment, but they shouldn’t let those things bring them down. As they see the hero of the story overcoming challenging times and making things better, children learn to be more resilient. Fairy tales provide a safe space for children to learn about life’s hardships.
  4. Try new things: No story centers itself on a child who always does the same thing. Fairy tales invite children to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world around them in search of adventure.
  5. Importance of friendships: The one thing all fairy tale heroes have in common is that they have friends. Friends can make your troubles easier. Your child can learn to value the importance of friendship through these stories.

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