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Tutoring Helps Improve Working Memory Abilities

It's no secret that the brain has many tasks and functions and that it is the command center of our actions and capacities. Learning is an instinctive mechanism our minds possess. When we stop to think about it, it is quite incredible how our brains have the amazing capacity to grow and develop the necessary abilities to improve our lives. However, the learning process is rarely just an automatic response, many times it requires the right guidance and proper practice in order to develop the necessary skills. We mentioned before that good memorization abilities can help students do better academically, but today we want to focus on how the working memory greatly affects all learning processes whether academica or not.

What Is the Working Memory and When Is It Used

The working memory is a thinking skill that is cultivated as a child grows. Very young children will have a limited working memory ability, but as they grow older, this ability must increase and further develop. Since the working memory is in charge of sustaining information for practical application, it is necessary for all areas of our lives and not just academically. Unlike memorization skills that just require the retention and repetition of detailed information, the working memory must simultaneously withhold the information, analyze it, and then apply it to confront a situation or complete a specific task. It is the active memory that allows students to be able to complete assignments according to the directions given and focus on the appropriate activities while following instructions. Even in real-life everyday situations the working memory helps us get things done. Making a grocery list, putting things away, cooking, and other tasks that may seem simple all require the use of our working memory to take certain information and put it to use.

How to Help a Child With That Struggles With Working Memory Problems

When the working memory is not fulfilling its function at its best there can be difficulty in learning and completing tasks along with concentration problems. Children that have difficulties in these areas can greatly benefit from tutoring and other working memory enhancement activities. It is important to realize that a low working memory does not mean that a child is not intelligent, it just means they are facing a learning struggle and that work needs to be done to achieve improvements. Tutoring teaches children to better absorb and apply the information they learn, it also provides students with the necessary study skills to learn at a higher level.  Contact The Tutoring Center near Grapevine today and find out how you can start helping your child learn more effectively.

3 Fun and Efficient Activities That Help Enhance Working Memory

  • Educational video games. Video games are a great tool when it comes to improving working memory. Not only do many children enjoy video games, there are also several educational options out there that provide an amusing way to learn and practice working memory skills. Video games require that children keep the rules in mind while using critical thinking skills to make decisions as they go through the obstacles of the game.
  • Memory card games. This is a good option as it is ideal for very young children who cannot yet read but can also be tailored for older children as well. Placing all the cards face down, children are asked to flip two cards and look at the picture on each. They must try to remember the position of the cards and what picture they have so that when their next turn comes around they can find the matching pictures. This game helps children improve their working memory because they must simultaneously retain information and use it to select the right cards.
  • Puzzles. There are many types of puzzles but those that can be manipulated physically are the best for exercising different skills. A great option for very young children are puzzles made of wooden pieces that need to be matched. As children get older, jigsaw puzzles that vary by level are also useful options. Some have a few pieces while others are very intricate and have numerous pieces that need to be put together to display the bigger picture. Completing these types of puzzles will help children develop their motor skills and improve thinking abilities, such as the working memory.

Tackle All Learning Obstacles With Help From the Best Learning Center for Tutoring Near Grapevine

Not only can tutoring help reduce many learning troubles, it can benefit all students by providing the extra help and skills practice they need. At The Tutoring Center near Grapevine we work towards improving the necessary abilities to promote lifelong learning. Call us today at (214) 517-8457 and get the best tutoring help for your child.


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