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Helping Your Child Learn to Read

If your child struggles with reading then it can limit their ability to learn new skills and achieve high grades, no matter their enthusiasm for the subject. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Colleyville with two activities which can help improve your child’s reading proficiency at home.

Flyers and Bank Notices

It can be easy to discard promotional flyers and barely glance at bank policy update notices as they don’t offer much reading substance for adults. However, despite what you might think, these mail items can be a great teaching platform for your children. As you wind down for the night, ask your children to read you some of the flyers and council notices you have received. While this material isn’t traditionally educational, the writing styles, grammar uses, and vocabulary choices your child will encounter with your supervision will not only improve their reading proficiency but also improve their writing skills.

A Kitchen Lesson

When a child encounters a new word while reading alone, a great technique to use is to sound out the letters to create the word. However, this technique can be limited by your child’s exposure to a range of letter-sound combinations. Instead of playing video games or watching TV while you prepare dinner, ask your children to help you in the kitchen while you give them a small reading lesson.
  • If you're using a recipe, have your children read it aloud to you as you follow along.
  • When using pre-prepared or canned ingredients, ask your children to read you the ingredients list and the nutritional information label.
While it’s fair to say that the words on the ingredients list aren’t going to become part of your child’s lexicon, the lesson is in the letter-sound combinations which they will learn with your help. This can help them to learn new words when they are alone and also to improve their reading proficiency.

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