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A dictionary can be a great tool in your child's learning. Especially if they're trying to be more independent when it comes to their studies. You can teach them how to use the dictionary by following these tips:

Learning to Use the Dictionary

The Alphabet

In order to be able to use a dictionary, your children need to know the alphabet. Practice singing the ABC song or use some games to learn the order of the letters.

Find a Dictionary

You need to know you audience, there are many types of dictionaries, and your children will find it difficult to use a full size one. Look for a children’s dictionary with an easy to read font, pictures, and colors.

Explain What a Dictionary Is

Once you have a children’s dictionary at hand, tell your child what it is, and how it can be useful. A book that has words in alphabetical order than can help you when you don’t know the meaning or the spelling of a word. Let them explore the book freely.

Read a Book Together

Find a book slightly above their reading level, and read it together. Once they reach a word they don’t know, they can try to look for context clues to understand it. If they’re still unsure of what it means, they can look for it in the dictionary.


After they've found  the word they were looking for, be sure that they understand the meaning.  You can explain the definition if they're struggling with it.

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