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Improve Math Proficiency With Tutoring

In our past blog post we discussed some of the factors that affect how well a student does in math, but there is more to the subject than just how it is taught or perceived. This is one reason why today we want to discuss a few ways in which children can get a solid start on math, so that they won´t struggle with it later on.

Why it is Crucial to Have Strong Math Foundations

Since most math lessons are based on previous knowledge and grow on terms already covered, it is crucial that students have a concrete understanding and complete knowledge of basic short equations known as math facts. Math facts are the simple addition, subtraction division, and multiplication that usually deal with numbers from 1 to 10 and should be memorized. For instance, an example of an addition math fact is 1+2=3, a subtraction example is4-2=2, an example in division is 6/2=3 and multiplication math facts would be what we know as times tables. These math facts can be drilled and memorized in fun ways that help children learn them best. Memorizing math facts will allow students to be better equipped to face longer equations, more tedious operations, and higher level math lessons.

How Tutoring Can Help Build the Right Math Skills

Tutoring is a great way to help your child obtain the right skills and strong elemental basis for every subject, especially math. At The Tutoring Center near North Richland Hills, we are proud to carry strong math programs for different ages and levels. Our Geniuses in Training program can be adapted to fulfill the needs of each student and provide the best learning experience. Allow your child to start incrementing math comprehension and proficiency in a manner that is not frustrating, but rather enjoyable. Contact us today for more information about our programs.

Learning Math Facts by Heart Can Be a Great Advantage

Math facts are not hard, but they take some time and dedication. Many elementary school teachers will spend some time drilling them in the classroom, but it is always important that they be reinforced at home or through tutoring.  The more often they are reviewed, the better, and the best part is that they can easily be reinforced at home in subtle or interesting ways that will make the whole family participate. For example, you can post up cards or colorful cardboard paper around the house with the math facts. On a separate paper, write the answers and have your child match up the papers with the correct answer. It might also be a good idea to just post up a few flashcards with their timetables or division math facts. If they see them often enough next to the mirror, in the bathroom, and next to the television, they might just subtly absorb the information.

What a Child Must Know Before Starting to Memorize Math Facts

Now, going even further back into more foundational structures, it is important that we mention that in order for a child to be ready to memorize and understand math facts they must first display a strong ability to comprehend the basic math foundations. These are usually learned at a young age, but some children may take longer than others to adequately grasp them. There are several math foundations that need to be well comprehended, from understanding quantities to having knowledge of operations, a child must first demonstrate their understanding of these very basic concepts in order for them to even be introduced in math facts.

4 Math Foundations That Should Be Learned at an Early Age

  1. Understanding of Quantity. Young children can start to understand the concept of quantity when they start counting things or even using fingers to count and can comprehend that most things can be counted.
  2. Number Recognition. This refers to when a child can distinguish a number and recognize it by name and by the amount that it represents.
  3. Distinguishment of Number Representation. This is knowing the difference between when a number is placed to represent the sequence of something and when it represents the actual amount.
  4. Knowledge of Operations. Children must also be able to acknowledge that items can be reduced or increased through taking away (subtraction) a certain amount or putting more in (addition).

The Best Learning Center for Math Tutoring Near North Richland Hills

Both math foundations and math facts are indispensable for a brighter math future. Strengthen your child's ability and allow them to start off with an advantage by signing them up for tutoring today. At The Tutoring Center near North Richland Hills, we have the right tools to help your child succeed in math and throughout their academic life. Dial (214) 517-8457 now and ask about our Little Geniuses in Training academic program.


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