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 Homework Help Tips for Parents

Homework tends to be a daily activity for most students. To help your child get the most out of their homework assignments, follow these tips.

Don't Do Their Homework

The most important thing for parents to remember when helping with homework is that they're there to help and not to do the work. Homework offers students the chance to review class lessons and to put their abilities to the test. If a parent does a child's homework, the child won't benefit from it at all.

Find the Best Homework Time

Not all students are able to perform well at the same time of the day. While some students may be more efficient right after school, other students may work better after dinner. Help your child find a time when they feel most productive during the day and schedule their daily homework time around that. It's also a good idea to figure out what activities, like napping or having a healthy snack, help them stay focused during homework time.

Create a Homework Area

Having an area of your home dedicated to completing homework and studying can help your child be more productive. Find a quiet and well lit room in your home where you can create a work station. Provide your child with a desk, a comfortable chair, and the necessary supplies to complete their assignments. Remove any distractions that may cause your child to lose their focus while working.

Stay Positive

Finally, since a student's attitude is greatly influenced by their peers' attitudes, it's best that you always stay positive about homework. Even if you don't understand your child's homework, help them look for resources that will allow them to progress. If necessary, enroll your child in an after school tutoring program.

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