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Increase the Chances of Your Child Becoming College-Bound

Some students really don't want to go to college, others just go because it gives them the opportunity for a better paying job, and a few go because they truly love to learn. Like it or not, parents have a  huge influence over this. What parents need to know is that they can have a big impact on their child's decision to go to college or not. The following tips can help you take action and start encouraging your child to start thinking about college as a long term goal they want to achieve.

Tips to Successfully Encourage Your Child to Go to College

  • Many experts agree that fourth grade is the ideal time to start discussing college in a more serious and encouraging light.
  • If you haven't already started a college fund for your child, start now and talk to them about how important it is that they go to college.
  • Avoid making college seem like something they need to do just to get a good job. Instead, highlight the many other advantages of going to college. Focus on things like the fact that in college they get to study what they want and select a career they enjoy.
  • Spend some time visiting a college or university the summer before fifth grade, and find ways to get your child excited about going to college.
  • Have your child write down their questions and help them research the answers. Be sure to listen to them and address their concerns.
  • Stay in constant communication with a school counselor and periodically check in with them so you and your child can discuss the best action steps to help them be college bound.
  • Don't overwhelm or pressure your child to seek out careers you want. Allow them to discover their interests and encourage them to choose a career they will enjoy.

More Successful Higher Education with Tutoring in Colleyville TX

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