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Tips for Receiving a Report Card With Low Grades

As first-semester report cards begin to make their way out, you may find yourself looking at grades which are lower than you were expecting. The Tutoring Center, Colleyville has prepared the following article to help both parents and students through this scenario.

A Helpful Initial Reaction

Reacting with frustration or anger is easy. After all, most parents associate poor grades with a student who isn’t interested in schooling or one who doesn't pay attention in class. However, the reality is that there is a range of causes for your child’s low grades, all of which can be remedied if your first reaction is receptive and helpful. Some of these causes include:
  • There are learning tools which your student doesn’t have.
  • Your student struggles to find the time to complete all of their homework and study.
  • Writing enough effective notes is a challenge.
  • They simply weren't prepared for such difficult lessons.
While this isn’t a complete list, each item on it is a genuine cause of lower than expected grades and each one can be remedied with your help.
  • Make a trip to the stationery store and pick up what’s needed.
  • Show them how to rearrange their routines and schedule to allow for more study time.
  • Teach them techniques for taking more effective notes.
  • Give them additional homework help to overcome any learning hurdles.

Tutoring in Dallas, TX Can Improve Your Child’s Grades

If your child needs help improving their grades, one-to-one tutoring can help. To find out more, book your free diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Colleyville today by calling (214) 517-8457. During your first visit, a professional tutor can answer any questions you or your student have about the benefits of tutoring in Dallas, TX.


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