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Help Your Child Develop Better Class Confidence With Tutoring

There are many ways to help your child succeed, but the key to success will always be through education. Helping your child truly get the most out of his or her education is a great way to give them the best head start in life. In our previous post we discussed how to encourage your child to love learning, and today we want to talk about how to help your child have more confidence in their classroom.

Classroom Participation Is the Best Way to Increase Learning

Studies have proven that taking part in classroom discussions and all forms of classroom participation improve learning by up to 90%. This means that when a student is actively participating in the lesson he or she is able to better remember and more clearly understand what is being taught. Although, participating in class is essentially beneficial, it is not always easy for all students.

Tutoring Can Improve Classroom Participation

Some children are more shy or reserved and tend to stay quiet or avoid participating because they are afraid of making mistakes. In this cases it is important to talk with the teacher and see if there are any positive and subtle ways of engaging the child in the lesson activities. Also, children that struggle with class participation or public speaking issues will greatly benefit from tutoring help. We provide an encouraging and adapted environment to help your child gradually increase their classroom confidence contact us today and find out more about the many benefits of tutoring and how we can help you and your child.

Help Your Child Try Their Best Even If They Make Mistakes

Overcoming the fear of making mistakes and saying the wrong answer is an important step in helping a child be more confident in the classroom. One of the most important things to make sure a child understands is that regardless of the outcome trying their best is always the right thing to do. Help them understand that they may not always know everything or have the correct answer all the time but through hard work and good effort they will learn best and be able to better understand. Call us today at (214) 517-8457 and find out more about how our learning professionals can help your child learn from their mistakes.

Trying and Making Mistakes Leads to Permanent Knowledge

It is not always easy to blurt out the wrong answer in a classroom, but remind them that they and their classmates are all there to learn and improve, and part of learning and improving is making mistakes. In fact several investigations have proven that through mistakes and trial and error in new areas, we are able to better improve and more permanently learn the information. If we were to always do well in areas and subjects we are already comfortable with we would never improve or learn new things and increase our knowledge. Therefore, it is normal to feel a bit afraid when learning new things but it is not good to let that fear defeat our eagerness to learn and participate.

Remind Your Child That Participating in the Class Is Something to Be Proud Of

A good way to constantly remind your child about the importance of classroom participation and of trying their best is to mention how proud of them you are. Say things like ¨I know that sometimes raising your hand or speaking in the classroom can be scary but I am so proud that you were brave enough to participate in the class today¨ Always let them know that no one should think any less of them for trying and making mistakes, as this is one of the most effective ways to absorb and retain information permanently.

Tutoring Helps Students to Actively Participate in All Their Classes

Tutoring encourages children to participate and be more open to take part in class discussions. Through one-on-one tutoring help and reduced groups it increasingly improves their ability to engage in the lesson and enjoy taking part in the conversation or subject. It provides children with the appropriate tools to feel confident in the classroom and be more self-assured in academic situations. Helping them learn better and giving them the security to continue trying their best and always giving their greatest effort.

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At the Tutoring Center in Colleyville we offer the best support, most efficient tutoring near Bedford.Whether it be homework that your child needs help on, or better learning techniques for the classroom, we will work together towards their success. Call us today at (214) 517-8457 and find out more about our ¨Geniuses in Training Programs.¨


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