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The Basic Elements of Good Listening Skills

Good students tend to have good listening abilities that allow them to learn more efficiently. Yet, there are several elements that need to be addressed in order to help a student become a good listener. Today, we will discuss three of those elements that are necessary for improved listening and effective learning.

3 Important Elements of Good Listening Skills

  • Attention. Paying attention includes eye contact, focus, concentration, and blocking out all other distractions. If there is a lack of focus and concentration then the student will only hear but will not be able to truly listen. Both external distractors, such as an open window, and internal distractors, such as being hungry, can get in the way of a student's ability to pay attention and attentively listen.
  • Interest. Being interested is another important element. If the student is interested in what is being said, he/she is much more likely to play close attention and actually listen to what is being said. Participation, funny connections, questions, using an active tone of voice, using props, and playing games are all great ways to keep students interested in the subject at hand.
  • Comprehension. Understanding the information is a form of response that can be verified through a group discussion, a questionnaire, a quiz, or simple class dialogue. Class assignments and homework are also a way for students to demonstrate how well they paid attention and listened in class.

Enhanced Listening Skills and Learning Abilities with Tutoring in Colleyville TX

Not all students can easily develop good listening skills. For some, it takes more effort than others, but all students can learn to become better listeners. With practice and through the right support, all students can learn to be better listeners and more efficient learners. Let The Tutoring Center, Colleyville TX help your child become a better learner. Call them today at (214) 517-8457 and ask about their free diagnostic assessment.


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