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Mix the Summer Sun With Learning

Summer is the perfect time for youngsters to play outside and enjoy the summer sun. The sun-filled days are also a great opportunity to help prepare them for the new school year ahead. But who said that they couldn’t do both at the same time? Below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Colleyville to help your student do just that!

It’s Called a Writing Picnic

It starts in your kitchen by packing everything that you will need for a fun and enjoyable day out at the local park for a picnic. When you are packing everything you will need, include some pads of paper and a few pens and pencils. After you have both had fun playing on the equipment, sit down and get to writing. However, don’t give your student a subject or topic, simply let them write anything they want. This could be a diary entry about the fun picnic they are having or a completely fictitious story which jumps into their mind as their pen hits the paper. To get even further involved, have them write the initial paragraph and then you write the second. Then, they write the third, and you the fourth, and so on. After a few pages, you will have a great (and completely silly) story which makes you both laugh. This is not only a great activity to help build a fun and positive connection with writing, it also allows you to identify any learning challenges they are experiencing, such as spelling issues or sentence structure struggles.

Tutoring Can Help

If your child struggles with spelling or isn’t confident in their sentence structure, tutoring can help. Speak with a tutoring professional today at The Tutoring Center, Colleyville by calling (214) 517-8457. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment and learn about how tutoring can help improve your student’s writing level and boost their self-esteem.


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