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Reading doesn’t come naturally for everybody. Like every other skill in life, it is something everyone can improve on. It’s better to start your children  into the magical world of reading while they're young . It gives them a better chance to develop this necessary skill. Here are a few pointers to motivate your children to enjoy reading.

Their Choice

Children respond better when they’re allowed to choose. Instead of giving them a pre-chosen book, take them to a bookstore or library and let them choose on their own. Try to keep a variety of books at home readily available.

Make it a Routine

Make reading together part of your daily routine. It can be done almost at any time.  In the afternoon, before bedtime, even on road trips. For younger children who can’t read yet, it will help them get used to books and stories. For children who can read, they can be the ones reading the story aloud.

Talk About It

To develop better comprehension skills, you should ask questions before, during, and after reading. This allows children to make connections.

Be a Reading Model

Children often do what parents do. If they don’t see that you enjoy reading, yet you are expecting them to like it, they won’t develop an actual interest. If you’re not an avid reader yet, give it a try. Your children will see you enjoying books and will want to read too.

Tutoring in Colleyville for Young Readers

As your children improve their reading skills they will find a better liking to it. Tutoring in Colleyville can help your children appreciate reading and become better readers. Call The Tutoring Center, Colleyville TX at (214) 517-8457for more information about their tutoring programs.


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