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Using Teachers Note to Teach over Summer

A student’s report card includes more than just the grade they earned, it also includes a range of teacher’s comments which can be used to help prepare your child over the summer break. The Tutoring Center, Colleyville has a great post on the topic, below.

Is There a Common Theme?

Start by carefully reading the notes in your child's report card, paying close attention to any common themes. For example, if your child struggled with public speaking or presenting their work to the class, then it's reasonable to see multiple notes about the challenge. Keeping with this example, parents can consider activities like:
  • Copy pages and paragraphs from textbooks and your child’s notebooks and use them as part of a reward system, where reading a page aloud to the family is rewarded with a trip to the mall, etc.
  • Ask your children to read your mail to you as you prepare dinner. This not only provides great public speaking practice but also allows parents to track their child’s progress.
  • Encourage your student to read non-educational material such as fictional stories and even comic books, aloud to you before bed each night.
Whatever challenge is mentioned in your child's notebook, adapt these tips or create your own fun and simple ways to introduce small instances of learning into their summer vacation.

Summer Tutoring Can Help Your Child Prepare

If you are worried about your child falling behind in the new school year or they could use a hand raising last year’s B to an A+, one-to-one summer tutoring can help. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment by calling The Tutoring Center, Colleyville at 214 517 8457.


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