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Relevant Math Lessons at Home

Despite your child’s beliefs, parents know just how important math will be to during their child’s adult life. If you are struggling to teach your children just how important it is to learn math and how important the skill will be to their adult life, The Tutoring Center, Colleyville has a post with an activity which can help.

Teach Using Your Budget

Every homeowner wants to stretch every dollar as far as possible, and one great way to do this is with your shopping list and budget. Preparing this list and budget can also be used as a great teaching platform. Include your children the next time that you prepare your shopping list and budget, and:
  • Show them how you make sure sale items are genuine.
  • Teach them how you calculate bulk item savings, and ensure the item will be used.
  • Share how you work from a total figure and deduct down.
  • Teach any techniques you use to ensure you don’t over or under purchase, such as calculating what you have left and buying only what is needed.
Once this activity is completed, have your children accompany you to the grocery store and put them in charge of tracking the items you add in the cart against your budget. Not only are the math lessons you use when preparing your budget great for children to learn, but the practical nature of the lesson helps them to not only see that math is important, but how beneficial the skill can be.

Boost Your Child’s Math Skills with One-To-One Tutoring

If you notice your child struggle with the above activity or they are falling behind their classmates, one-to-one tutoring can help. To find out more about how math tutoring can help your child to improve their grades, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Colleyville by calling (214) 517-8457.


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