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A good night's rest is crucial for your child's developing brain and learning abilities. Children should have a solid sleep routine that includes some of these basic elements.

Routines Are an Important Part of Learning

There are significant benefits to establishing routines at home. They give children responsibility and provide a sense of structure. There are many types of routines, from getting ready in the morning to homework time after school. A bedtime routine is essential because sleep is important to a child's academic development. Sleep is when the brain recharges and knowledge solidifies. Let's not forget that sleepy and tired children find it hard to pay attention. These are the elements a bedtime routine should have.

Elements of a Successful Bedtime Routine

  • Begins at a specific time: The main part of a routine is that it follows a schedule, this means it should start around the same time every day. Set a specific time for your children to go to bed, and over time their body will naturally adjust and sleep will come naturally.
  • Wind-down moment: You should warn your children that it’s almost time for bed so they can transition from play mode to relax mode. At this time, there shouldn’t be any vigorous activity.
  • Pre-bed snack: Children need to stay fueled even when they’re asleep. Part of their bedtime routine should include a light snack, preferably involving protein and carbohydrates. A glass of milk and a slice of whole-wheat bread with cheese will do just fine. Don’t forget that they must brush their teeth after they eat.
  • Warm bath: A warm bath at night will help make them feel sleepier as their body temperature rises. Not to mention, it will make mornings easier and faster.
  • Short goodnight: When it’s finally time to head to bed, make your goodnight short and leave the room. Don’t linger too long making conversation.

Tutoring in Colleyville After a Good Night’s Rest

After getting enough rest, your children will be ready to learn something new. How about signing them up for tutoring in ColleyvilleTutoring is greatly beneficial even if your children aren't struggling with their classes. Call The Tutoring Center, Colleyville TX at (214) 517-8457 to learn about their tutoring options.


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