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Need Help Getting Your Student out of Bed in the Morning?

Getting a child out of bed in the morning and on the school bus in time to make it to school isn’t always the easiest task in the world. If this sounds like a challenge you are facing, below are some great tips from The Tutoring Center, Colleyville which can help.

Change Their Alarm

Some children find it difficult to wake up and get out of bed straight away and just need a couple of minutes to stretch and prepare themselves for the day ahead. Compensate for this by setting their alarm 5-10 minutes earlier so that once they have pressed the snooze button, by the time it sounds again they are ready to get up at the time they need to.

Breakfast as a Reward

Growing children need food, and a grumbling morning stomach can be a great motivator and something which you can use to your advantage. Set a time that you will be in the kitchen until and agree that if they can make it out of bed and in the kitchen by this time, that you will cook them their favorite breakfast meal.

Leave Their Electronic Devices in the Kitchen

Although you may not understand the appeal, teens are very attached to their electronic devices. Instill a rule which requires them to leave their electronic devices in the kitchen before they go to bed each night. Not only will this help to remove a distraction which could be keeping them awake, but the need to check their messages and notifications is a great motivator to get any teen out of bed in the morning.

Boost Grades With Tutoring Classes

If your student needs help raising a B to an A+ or has trouble with their homework, tutoring classes can help. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Colleyville by calling (214) 517-8457 to find out how one-to-one tutoring classes can help your student improve their grades and boost their confidence at school. Don’t forget to book your free initial diagnostic assessment!


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