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Learn about the many benefits that exercising can bring to your child’s mind. Learn about how exercise is so much more than just a way to burn off energy and stay physically healthy.

How About a Physical Activity as an After School Program?

There are plenty of reasons why your child should be part of an after school program, from making new friends and learning new skills to discovering their likes and dislikes. There are plenty of after school options your child can choose from. How about suggesting they try a physical activity? They can try basketball, volleyball, dancing, or horseback riding to get them moving. You see, there are plenty of unexpected perks that come with exercise. Here we present only a few of them. More energy: Exercise provides better oxygen flow to the brain and blood. This means that your child will feel more awake and energized after doing their physical activity. They will also strengthen their muscles and build endurance. Better focus: Physical activity can help clear your mind, helping you be able to focus more easily. If your child is distracted during homework time, take them outside for a walk to clear their head. Increased productivity: Higher levels of energy translate into increased productivity. Studies show that people who exercise are 23% more productive after their workout. Improved mood: Exercise releases chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin, which boost your mood, improve your memory, and ward of depression. To put it simply, happy children work better. Better quality sleep: Your child can’t complete their school activities accurately if they’re feeling tired. A good night’s rest is necessary. While we sleep, our brain is hard at work processing and consolidating information. A nice workout can help your child raise their body temperature and relax their muscles for a good night’s rest.

Tutoring Can Provide a Mental Workout

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